Investor Alert! Save 1031 Exchange from Elimination!

All investors that deal in real estate should be interested in preserving the 1031 tax-free exchange. Please help.

More must be done to reach out to all Members of Congress to persuade and educate them about the strong economic benefits of this provision and the extensive consequences of Section 1031 repeal. In our grassroots campaign, FEA members and others concerned with Section 1031 have sent more than 36,000 letters to Members of Congress. Every Senator in Congress has received at least one letter concerning the preservation of like-kind exchanges. Members in California have received thousands of letters, and legislators in Texas and Colorado have received several hundred. More letters are needed. A goal of 100,000 letters by the end of the year has been set, and we must all help to reach it.

You can help the FEA reach every legislator by sending letters through, and encouraging your clients and contacts to do the same. Our selected text can help.


Tuesday May 12th

7:30 PM







If you attended the May 2, 2015 Master Trust Seminar in Cherry Hill, NJ, you’re invited to join our follow up  Webinar!!!!  Jack will answer your questions, and help you with your strategies to protect and build  net worth using what you learned in the class!


Join us for the webinar on May 12, 2015 at 7:30 PM EDT.
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An open forum for questions and discussions on the material covered in the Master Trust Class, Cherry Hill New Jersey May 2, 2015.
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Also, please send any questions, comments or concerns to  By 5pm on Tuesday May 12th.

Why Use Trusts

The use of trusts in my investment business has allowed me to prosper in the ownership of real estate, notes, options, leases and other instruments. They have provided the privacy and safety and peace of mind to operate without fear of frivolous lawsuits, unhappy tenants, bureaucrats, salesman and other distractions.

I have seen thousands of investors, over 25+ years, developed the ability to form and operate their own trusts and enjoy the same benefits. The land trust has been in use since the 1890s and can be used in every state. The trust delivers more than 25 benefits, including avoiding probate, judgments cannot attach to the property, private sales price, and many more. We use it as a management tool, for partnering, for lending under the UCC, buying and selling in private and in other ways not possible without a trust. Deeds, trusts and other forms are in Word documents and easy to complete.

The personal property trust is a more recent development and when combined with the land trust a greater level of privacy, safety, and flexibility is attained. It can be used as trustee, a manager of an LLC and in other roles. It is the best device holding notes, vehicles, mobile homes and other items in privacy and safety.

The IRA Checkbook Control Trust is a hybrid of the above two trusts. Retirement funds can be moved from brokerage accounts to an independent IRA custodian and then invested in the IRA trust, which places the funds in your corner bank where you have access without the cost or delay of going through a custodian. In addition, all rent, note payments and other income is deposited in your bank, not with the custodian. These funds can be reinvested rapidly.


Real Estate Investor Traits – Good and Bad

Investors have many common traits that make them successful. There have been thousands of studies of the common characteristics of successful investors. They are similar whether in the stock market, business development or real estate. There is also a record of uniform behavior problems that most investors have and are rarely confronted.

One recent study trying to simplify the characteristics came up with these conclusions. Achievers were most likely to be:

1) Very confident in their ability to succeed.

2) They were driven by an inferiority feeling and a fear of failure.

3)  They were uniformly sensitive to other people’s feelings and were self-aware.

A list of other traits include: passionate, resilient, decisive, fearless, financially capable and knowledgeable.

The main bad characteristic of investors was overconfidence. That shows up routinely in stock market trading, fund management and every financial transaction. Real estate investors are more confident about their prospects than results show. The more the overconfidence, the worse the results. A 90% plus confidence level leads to a 40% error rate. Since real estate investors are often sole entrepreneurs, it takes confidence to get into the field. Overconfidence often takes people out of the field. Look around you with your friends and associates and yourself. I know it is true in my investment experience.

How do we enjoy the advantages of being a real estate investor and protecting our portfolio and our future? There are many things an investor can do such as “Making it big on little deals”. That is John Schaub’s mantra, book and the center of his teaching for many years. A bad deal will be painful but not fatal. A bad big deal could be the end.

There are other systems and procedures that could be implemented.

TRUSTS. These protect real estate  and note investments. They also protect leases, options, contracts and all of our other activities. They deliver privacy and safety and firewalls to protect one bad investment from all the others. They are especially useful for the more speculative and risky ventures that could provide great rewards, if done properly.

OPTIONS. The greatest leverage and lowest risk can be obtained with options. They are invisible, portable, saleable, and exchangeable. They can hold great wealth but cannot be attached since they are a future interest. When markets rise option holders profit. When markets decline option holders do not lose. Option grantors will lower the option price to current market over 90% of the time. Therefore, there is little downside to options.

IRA ACCOUNTS. The creation of IRA accounts has created a grand opportunity for real estate investors to take advantage of opportunities that they see in the marketplace that are not available to anyone else. They can be legally optioned, purchased, leased, put under contract with IRA funds and the proceeds from the rent, sale, or assignment go directly to the IRA account. IRA funds can be held in a checkbook account controlled by the investor that is immediately available for real estate investments.

Take advantage of your positive traits and limit the damage of our negative ones.


To your success,

Jack Shea Author, Mentor w

Master Trust Class – Land Trusts, Personal Property Trust, & IRA Trust

Central Florida Realty Investors Association Presents…    

Master Trust Class – Land Trusts, Personal Property Trust, & IRA Trust

 Presented by Attorney Mark Warda, author of Land Trusts in Florida and Jack Shea, Author, Real Estate Mentor and Investor

All you need to know about the new Trust Laws and how to use it!

    Attorneys: Approved for 8 hours of CLE Credit by the Florida Bar

CPAs:  Approved for 8 Technical Business Hours CPE credit for Florida CPAs

                 Realtors:    Approved for 8 hours of Continuing Education Credit

Learn from the #1 Experts on Florida Trusts!  Saturday April 5, 2014

 4 Easy Ways to Register for The Florida Land Trust Seminar: Phone, Fax, Mail or Online

Phone: 407-328-7773, Fax: 407-328-4446, Online:

$125. Members  $175 non-Members

Land Trusts in Florida book and forms CD $40

Venue:  Herzing University 1465 Fla 436

Winter Park, FL 32772

Limited Seating – Make your reservation now! Registration form here!


Learn About the Uses and Benefits of Florida Land Trusts 

  • New Florida Trust Law
  • New Personal Property

     Trust Uses

  • New Trustee Functions
  • IRA Checkbook Trust
  • Dodd-Frank Private

     Lending w/ Trusts

  • Reduce Litigation
  • Limit Liability
  • Easy Transfer
  • Quick Foreclosure
  • Safer Lease-Option

At NO Charge, Trust Plus Webinar Video until Thursday(1/16)

Folks, just a few days ago our webinar had an amazing impact on showing folks the power of implementing land trusts in their life and business.

We noticed that you missed the LAND TRUST REVEALED webinar…. But the feedback that we had from the hundreds of people on this Webinar was OFF the CHARTS… So we have GOOD NEWS:

We have posted a full video replay up until 10pm THURSDAY 1.16.14 at this link:

At NO Charge, Trust Plus Webinar Video until Thursday(1/16)

DON’T MISS THIS! PLEASE note this replay will expire and you will not be able to see it and we are not planning on doing this again.


ALSO NOTE.. This video it has been optimized so you can even watch this on your cell phone! We’ve done everything we can to make the replay as easy as possible for you.

If you missed this replay you’ll miss incredible information including.. •The Incredible Risks You’re Taking Not Using Land Trusts  •Dramatic Advantages Of Trusts Over Llcs And Corporations  •Jack Shea’s Strategic Form For Land Trusts And Real Estate  •How To Buy Property And Stay Completely Under The Radar

Don’t Be Low Hanging Fruit, Don’t Be The Person Predators Know To Go After, Don’t Be The Person That Calls Us When It’s Too Late And All Your Assets Are At Risk It’s Just Too Easy To Avoid!

Again….REMEMBER TO WATCH THIS WEBINAR… “LAND TRUST REVEALED“.. Why Land Trusts Are The Ultimate Privacy Device

Again…The good news is we have the replay up until 10pm THURSDAY 1.16.14 at this link:

At NO Charge, Trust Plus Webinar Video until Thursday(1/16)

To Your Success,
Jack Shea

Private Lending and the Dodd Frank Bill

The Dodd-Frank bill affects any private lending taking place after January 1, 2014. The initial rules for seller financing have been modified.

If the buyer uses the property as their personal residence and the seller only does one seller finance per year then the rules are:

1) There must be a fixed interest rate for five years. After that, the interest rate can increase up to two points per year for a maximum of six percentage points.

2) There can be a balloon payment in the note.

3) The seller is not required to verify the buyer’s ability to pay.

The selling entity can be an individual, an estate or trust. It cannot be a partnership, LLC, Corporation or other legal entities. Notice, that is one entity per trust, per year.


If the same person trust or estate does more than one seller financing per year then:

1) The same interest rate rules apply.

2) A balloon payment is not allowed.

3) the seller must verify the borrowers ability to pay.

I’ve been following the development of the Dodd Frank rules for years and have used those guidelines. We also give a full Truth-in-Lending disclosure. We also deliver many other documents, over 20 items, including a title report, termite report, property defect disclosure report, and buyers inspection reports. Since we do financing through land trust procedures, we have an explanation of the rules and procedures with trust beneficial interests. The buyers become the 100% owner of the beneficial interest and assign it back to the lender as security for the loan. All  UCC-1 documents procedures are followed. This makes a foreclosure faster and less expensive if it is ever required.

There are many potential buyers for seller financed property who are unable to qualify for a bank loan due to foreclosure, bankruptcy or other financial problems. They typically pay above market price for the house, above market interest rates, and are required to put 10% to 20% cash down payments. Monthly payment including taxes and insurance is structured to be close to market rent. They are happy buyers and have an excellent payment history on their new home.

The Dodd Frank bill should have very little negative effect on seller financing. As you can see, the rule for one transaction per trust will not affect any investor that uses land trusts for holding title to investment real estate. It is the best method of owning real estate. You can learn everything about land trusts, personal property trusts and other tools such as options, IRAs and 1031 exchanges at the TRUST Creation and Application Seminar’ in Jackson Mississippi January 23-25, 2014.  More information is on my website at


To your success,


Jack Shea

Author, Mentor

Trust Power Tools

There are hundreds and sometimes thousands of real estate investors in every community. I have been to many real estate investment clubs around the country. The meetings are attended by many seasoned investors and newcomers. In our 1031 exchange business we deal with investors all across the country. I sometimes ask the clients if they attend any local real estate meetings. Some do. Many don’t.

I asked the questions because I see many investors that have made a poor choice of title holding entities. If they had more real estate education they would have made better choices. They invest with friends in a partnership. Later they find out it is very difficult, costly and sometimes not possible to do a tax-free exchange out of their investments.

If you total all of the investors that attend meetings some of the time in your area, then there are 3 to 4 times as many in your marketplace. If you do not have any better tools to use in your investments, then you are in an auction to the highest bidder with all the amateurs. Options can separate you from the crowd. Tax-free exchanges are a tool to use for your benefit and possibly for the other party in your purchase or sale.

Trusts offer several unique strategies that are not otherwise available:

1)     Contract for Beneficial Interest. This is similar to a contract for deed but avoids foreclosure. It is selling personal property on an installment sale. The buyer has no rights until it is fully paid.

2)     Lease Of a Beneficial Interest. This is not a lease of real estate but of personal property. It could have multiple benefits.

3)     Multiple Investor Beneficiaries. A technique for partnering without the formalities of deeded interests. No witnesses or notaries are required for transfers. The beneficiaries are free to take cash or do a 1031 exchange with their proceeds.

4)     Seller Financing the Beneficial Interest. It is selling personal property and avoids the need to foreclose to regain possession upon default.

5)     Personal Property Trust. It can be used as a trustee, LLC manager, a holder of notes, mobile homes, cars, guns, stocks, receivables and more.

6)     IRA Checkbook Control Trust. Moves your IRA funds from the custodian to your corner bank where you have the ability to make investments without the cost or delay of going through the custodian. All income from these investments goes to your corner bank, not the custodian. There is no cost or delay to reinvest these funds.

These are a few of the Power Tools that investors should have to elevate their investment system to a higher-level with better returns and more safety. All of these strategies and more will be covered in detail at the trust seminar January 23-25 in Jackson Mississippi.


To your success,


Jack Shea

Author, Mentor



Trust Creation & Application Seminar

Trust Creation & Application Seminar

January 23 – 25, 2014

Building Firewalls and Spam Filters –

Insider Strategies for Utilizing Land Trusts and  Personal Property Trusts Plus More!

2 Day Conference plus dinner(s) – 2 days & 2 meals

Plus Technology Bonus day


During this 2 day conference you will hear from 3 real world real estate investors who have mastered trusts in their own business in their own area -Tampa Florida, Columbus Ohio and Jackson MS.

What’s included . . .

1) You will be provided the 235 page land trust book and CD with 35+ forms to operate trusts and to form trusts.

2) The laws for all 50 states for mandatory trust compliance no matter what state is being used. A defective trust makes the trustee liable and the beneficiary liable and is worse than holding title in your own name.

3) The Personal Property Trust. This is a key strategy for land trusts, LLCs and other uses and methods that we employ with only those we trust.

4) 10 real examples how the use of Land Trusts sidestep legal conflicts.

5) Sample deeds, Trusts, Assignments etc. for class work filing out the forms. This is a key step in giving people the confidence to do it on their own.

6) A New Operating System for real estate. A global look at the benefits for real estate investors using trusts. Buying, partnering, financing, managing, selling and negotiating in trusts.

7) How to get real estate off your tax return

8) Advanced Asset Protection. 10+ layers and more.

9) Comination Trust, 1031 and option strategies.

Dinner Friday and Saturday at the Love Shack provided. 214 Bay Park Drive, Brandon, MS 39047
Airport: (JAN) Jackson Evers International Airport.
Hotel: Holiday Inn Express, 112 Ridge Way, Flowood, MS 39232 601-922-7773. $99 per night with “Pro Trust Conference” group.
Meeting Location: Table 100 Conference Center, 100 Ridge Way, Flowood, MS 39232 (601) 420-4202 (Next to Holiday Inn)
Plus Technology Bonus Day: Systems, Outsourcing and Virtual Assistants with Steve Zehala



Master Trust Seminar

May 2nd,2015. Crowne Plaza Hotel, Philadelphia, Cherry Hill.

Master Trust Seminar

Seminar in Cherry Hill

Insider Strategies for Utilizing Land Trusts, Personal Property Trusts and IRA Checkbook Trusts

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cherry Hill, NJ

Saturday May 2, 2015 9 AM to 5PM

What’s included . . .

~ Atty. Mark Warda’s 235-page Land Trust book and CD

with 35+ forms. Laws for all 50 states.

~ The Personal Property Trust. A key strategy for Notes, Mobiles, Vehicles, LLCs, uses for safety and privacy.

~ Sample Deeds, Trusts, Assignments etc. for class work.

~ IRA Checkbook Trust. IRA funds in your local bank for ease and speed of investing and reinvesting.

~ A New Operating System for real estate and notes: buying, partnering, financing, managing, selling,
estate planning and ten+ layers of asset protection.

~ New tools only available with Trusts. Contract For

Beneficial Interest, Contract for option, and more.

~ Limit Liability, Reduce Litigation, Quick Foreclosure, Private Sale Price, Easy Transfer, etc.

by Jack Shea, Author, Real Estate/Note Investor- 25+ yrs

$295 –
The best investment you will make in your future.

Early Bird Discount Space and books are limited

Special Room Rate: $119. Expires April 1, 2015

A Letter To Bill Gates


A Letter To Bill Gates
A Letter To Bill Gates
Recently it came to my attention (and also many Floridians) that Bill Gates has been buying up huge tracts of Farmland in Florida and other places!  Since his goal is Privacy (see the article) and since LLCs are clearly not working, I’m inviting Mr. Gates to our Trust Seminar Sat. Dec. 13th here in Tampa!

Dear Bill Gates,
You are invited to a Trust class in Tampa December 13, 2014. Thousands of investors nationwide use trusts to buy and sell property privately.Bill you have built substantial net worth, and now you are devoting your time and assets to help others.  But who is helping you?  Because I believe in the value of what you are doing for others, I want you to have the best advice possible, and right now I don’t think you’re getting it.   That is why I have invited you to the seminar in December.

Your efforts to buy land in Florida, Georgia and elsewhere privately, using LLCs (Public Records)  were uncovered by the Wall Street Journal and the Produce News.  This has put you at unnecessary risk since now every ambulance chasing attorney in Florida knows that your well funded charitable organization is the owner.

Come and meet people who buy, sell, partner, manage, and finance in complete privacy. It has been done for over 100 years in all 50 states. The cost is $175.  This cost will be waived if you’re willing to help me install some of the Microsoft programs that have been giving me trouble!

Also, free dinner; all-you-can-eat Cuban food for out of town students.
Jack Shea

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